Vintage peppermill is now on display!

The peppermill given to Liberace by Bimbo’s in 1955 is back! Come by the display at the Bimbo’s coat check to see it. Liberace was at the height of his fame when he visited Bimbo’s 365 Club in 1955. His brother, George, was performing at the club and Liberace had come to see the show. Mr. Bimbo had planned in advance. He had a gigantic peppermill specially made for Liberace and engraved with his name. The Bimbo’s 365 Club chef had also prepared a special chocolate cake shaped like a piano. The peppermill that was given to Liberace has found its way back to Bimbo’s and can now be seen amongst other archival items in the display at coat our check. You can also see video footage of the club through the years.