Win tickets to Woodkid at Bimbo’s on Nov 2nd!

Woodkid is French musician / video director / graphic designer Yoann Lemoine. The music of Woodkid shows a universe of fragile grace and raw beauty. It is epic pop with a powerful mounted symphony. Woodkid walks with the shadow of Antony and The Johnsons, as they could be kindred spirits of the voice. You can also hear the pretty folk influences of New York and a melodic brilliance that leaves more than a glimpse of the song writing talent of Lemoine (which could flirt somewhere between Neil Hannon and Bonnie Prince Billy). Woodkid’s full-length album “The Golden Age” will be released soon.

The Creator’s Project, a collaboration between Vice and Intel, are giving away tickets for Woodkid!  In case you haven’t seen The Creator’s Project premiere of Woodkid’s performance at Le Grand Rex, you can see it here.  The Inception-style opening chords should clue you in to just how epic this performance is.  But once the introduction ends, Woodkid continues to blow you away with his grandiose-but-still-sincere, songs “Baltimore’s Fireflies” and “Stabat Mater.”  While lasers and fog machines go wild and projections of cathedrals and pillars tower over him, the serene troubadour still manages to pull focus back to his heartfelt performance. But nothing’s as good on video as it is in real life, and you have the chance to see him live on our stage on November 2nd.  You can enter at The Creator’s Project website to win tickets to Woodkid’s The Golden Age tour at Bimbo’s 365 Club or you can buy tickets to this anticipated show here.