Man Or Astro-man? – May 11th

Founded in Alabama in 1992, Man or Astro-man? was one of the hardest touring and most prolific bands of the 1990s, injecting their surf instrumentals with punk energy, attitude and humor. They raided decades of pulp sci-fi culture for their multimedia, hyperkinetic live shows, which spotlighted their thrift-store mad-scientist creations — robotic props, banks of video monitors beaming out Japanese monster battles and a working Tesla coil firing electric arcs over the heads of their audience. Between 1993 and 2001, the band released 12 albums and dozens of singles and EPs, along with playing countless live shows- including 5 sold out shows on the Bimbo’s stage.  “In 1996, I was onstage or in the studio 347 days of that year,” says drummer Brian Teasley (aka “Birdstuff”). “It just fried my brain. I got where I couldn’t talk to people when I got home. We were so voracious in our playing and had such gargantuanly long tours, it took its toll.”  That toll affected the band so much that the core members mutually called it quits in 2000. The trio stayed busy with their own projects until two years ago, when they reunited and began scheduling limited tours. But this time, they all view the band in different terms from the young space punks of the ’90s who were so eager to build their reputations. The band’s main goal is to keep the music fun and not let the business side devour the enjoyment of playing.  Man or Astro-man?’s homecoming to their fans includes a new full-length studio album titled Defcon 5…4…3…2…1. It is their first new album in 12 years and its been creating a heavy sonic buzz in social media in anticipation of its release later this month. However,  the true energy and sheer goofiness of this band has to be experienced live to be truly appreciated. Experience their return to our stage on May 11, before they disappear into space again!

Tickets are still available.