The Mr. Bimbo Prohibition Cup & Saucer!

Introducing the limited-edition “Mr. Bimbo Prohibition Cup & Saucer”! For those who didn’t know, the 365 Club opened in 1931 during the alcohol ban of Prohibition. Though the club was known for excellent food, impeccable service, opulent theatrical shows, and the most beautiful showgirls, the 365 Club also operated as one of the many speakeasies at that time. Mr. Bimbo was creative in suggesting quaffing the most desired drink with your meal, and made all preparations to keep that service under the radar. In an interview with Bob Tuttle in 1979, Mr. Bimbo recollected a rare run-in with the fuzz that was memorable in all the years of running his business:

            “We had a one-way mirror in the front door to checkout patrons before we let them in, and one night the police showed up. While they punched the doorbell, I scooped up all the liquor bottles and hid them away. By the time I got back to the door, the cops were starting to smash it open with an axe.

            “Very slowly and calmly, I opened the door and told them, ‘If you want to come in, why don’t you just ring the doorbell?’  The sergeant turned so red I thought he was going to have a stroke!”*

*Taken from “The Story of ‘Bimbo’ Giuntoli The 365 Club’s Grand Gent” published on May 25, 1979 in The Lamplighter column by Bob Tuttle in The San Francisco Progress.

We love to pay homage to our founder and his brazen charm, and are pleased announce this collaboration with Upper Playground as part of The San Francisco Heritage Preservation Society project. Our very-limited edition coffee mug features archival Bimbo’s artwork reminiscent of the time when creativity was employed to serve the banned goods. Limited to a production of 140, this set is available online through the Upper Playground webstore.

Mr. Bimbo greets a table of guests at Bimbo's 365 Club