Relationships that last for generations!

A. La Rocca Sea Food Inc. has been with us since the beginning! Reminiscing in the archives is always entertaining, and in this edition we’d like to highlight one of the businesses that has worked with us since the club opened in 1931. In a recent browse through this 1939 pamphlet of the Club’s days on Market Street, we couldn’t help but notice their listing on our preferred vendor page. Just as Bimbo’s 365 Club has been handed down through the family over the years, A. La Rocca’s is fourth generation family owned & operated today. Though our orders may not be as heavy as they were during our dinner theater days, we still choose to source the finest seafood from them when called for. Check out their website and get to know another San Francisco family business!

 Preferred Vendor page from 1939 Bimbo’s Club pamphlet

Cover of 1939 brochure for Bimbo’s 365 Club