Dolphina has new friends! And they’re Ezralites!

We have cause to celebrate with Better Than Ezra’s return to San Francisco AND the addition of new goldfish in Dolphina’s fishbowl! Both warrant such joyous announcements that we decided to mash them both up and give you this underwater music video. Because these things are so GOOD.

Better Than Ezra is returning to play San Francisco after a five year hiatus and toting a better-than-grunge new album, “All Together Now.” The band that broke out in the 90’s with hits ‘Good’ and ‘Roselia’ have shaken their adolescence angst with 13 record releases and the formation of the BTE Foundation, a charity committed to preserving the cultural heritage of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana. Throughout the years, the entertainment community has joined Better Than Ezra and has raised over $850,000 for various causes in and around New Orleans. What was once good keeps getting better as BTE has emerged with a signature pop/rock sound on the new album including the hit ‘Crazy Lucky.’ The new album hits to stores on September 6.

Catch Better Than Ezra on our stage on September 19 and don’t forget to swing by and say hello to Dolphina’s new friends in the fishbowl. Better Than Ezra tickets are available here.

Click the photo to see a music video from the Dolphina Cam!
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