Pinback returns on October 2nd!

Celebrating a decade since the release of Pinback’s iconic album, ‘Summer In Abaddon’, Rob Crow and Zach Smith will be hitting the road this fall on a 25-stop North American tour dedicated to playing the album in its entirety. The 11-track album isn’t the first of the duo’s Pinback discography, but has been noted by critics as the strongest and most influential music produced by Crow (Goblin Cock, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable) and Smith (3 Mile Pilot). Recorded in the back room of Smith’s house and Crow’s bathroom, ‘Summer In Abaddon’ is the evolved realization of a sound that was in the works for more than six years. Though it took time to process this work as their lives were filled with highs, lows and other distractions, the final album hit the stores as a ripened masterpiece. Within the reaction to the release lies the knotty paradox of ‘Summer in Abaddon’: Pinback’s darkest hours inspired their finest moment.

We’re delighted to have them back at Bimbo’s 365 Club on October 2-  not only because we love them so, but also because we hosted the original 2004 ‘Summer in Abaddon’ record release tour. In November of 2004, Pinback took to our stage and played to an awe-struck crowd for two sold-out nights in a row.

In addition to this fall’s 10th Anniversary tour, Pinback will be releasing a limited edition 180-gram maroon-colored vinyl reissue of ‘Summer In Abaddon’ exclusively available at their live performances and website.  Grab those albums and tickets early as the sweet offerings of summer are always limited. Tickets for Pinback’s October 2nd show with Sacramento’s Tera Melos are still available (although they are going fast!) and you can grab them here.