The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Oct 17

Bombastically thrilling are words commonly used to describe The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s live performances. With live horn sections, keys, and the usual collection of instruments and joined by a handful of friends on tour, the core members Lars Iverson (writer and producer) and Mette Lindberg (songwriter, frontwoman) are hardly shy about putting together a good performance. In fact, that’s what they love to do.

The music by Iverson and Lindberg for The Asteroids Galaxy tour has always been a true DIY venture with self-recording and producing. Modern technology and tools have afforded this hard-working Copenhagen pair to create the music and publish their brand on their own. After their first demo’s recording in their apartments and mastering the sound with ProTools, the self-published work reached as far as Amy Winehouse’s management who offered them their first show as an opener for Winehouse. At the time Lindberg was contemplating following in her father’s footsteps as an engineer, but loving the stage and performing her music live threw her life in a completely new direction. In fact she found what she was good at, and she hasn’t stopped moving since.

Hitting the road to promote didn’t stop them from recording a new album at the same time. As life on the road kept them busy, Iverson created a mobile recording studio to keep their creative process captured while touring, and thus publishing more work as they rove around the world. As planets in motion with a collective energy, there’s no question about their namesake with what they do.

You can experience the sound and creative process of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour by viewing the videos for their hits My Club and The Golden Age, but what to expect for their live performance on our stage on October 17? Well you’ll just need to grab your tickets here and feel the live energy for yourself!