From our Archives: 1952

1952 was a great year for Bimbo’s 365 Club!  For all you SF history buffs, it was the first anniversary of the opening of the 365 Club at our current location and it was a not-to-miss event! On July 17, 1952 we kicked off a week-long celebration with Derle Knox’s Orchestra and the Dorothy Dorben’s Dancers to celebrate the first year of business in North Beach. As part of the celebration, a sculpture in the lobby was installed praising our Dolphina, The Girl in the Fishbowl. Carved from the purest white marble by artisans in Italy, she still greets every guest today. The aquatic theme of the Terrace Lounge was also unveiled, featuring paintings of Neptune and his mermaids by the famed artist Julian Ritter. The club decor reveal of our one year anniversary was a great celebration and the real Dolphina swam in her fishbowl socializing with the guests all week long.

Though a Dolphina sighting has been more of a rarity these days, she never misses joining the party on New Year’s Eve! She told us that this year’s celebration with Nick Waterhouse, Marc & the Casuals, and The Cottontails may be her favorite year yet. And we thought it was the champagne!

Interested in celebrating the turn of the new year with us and Dolphina?  Grab your tickets here.

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