Asaf Avidan returns with the new album GOLD SHADOW

Having toured over the globe, Israeli singer-songwriter and musician Asaf Avidan has built up a devoted following as well as a reputation for a legendary live show.  The latest single, “The Jail That Sets you Free” recently premiered at Entertainment Weekly was described “boasts a clever combination of bluesy garage rock, poppy New Wave synths, and a chorus that’s infectious enough to cause an epidemic.”  Avidan’s sophmore full-length album Gold Shadow is slated for a worldwide release on February 3.  So far critics describe the record as a perfect combination of Asaf’s pop sensibility, complex melodic arrangements, captivating lyrics, and signature voice.

Avidan was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1980 to diplomat parents who both worked for Israel’s Foreign Office. After spending four years of his childhood in Jamaica followed by a stint of mandatory army service in Israel , Asaf Avidan dug into his creative juices studying animation at Jerusalem’s Academy of Arts and Design.  First entering the music industry through his group Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, he proved himself to be an incredibly adept front man. The band’s recordings achieved platinum status across Europe as well as topping Best of the Year lists. As a solo artist he has proved himself to be just as capable a performer and writer and with the breakout success of his track “One Day / Reckoning Song” in 2012, his solo career propelled to new heights.

Gold Shadow will be released on February 3 and Asaf will be embarking on a nationwide tour in the beginning of next month. Grab your tickets to his San Francisco appearances for Feb 18 or Feb 19 as they are sure to sell out soon!