From the archives: the Korla Pandit Experience!

korla pandit 2

It was a dark and stormy January night of 1996, and the sold-out crowd was chomping at the bit for Korla Pandit to take the stage.  The mysterious charmer with trance-inducing musical talent was no where to be found inside the club, and the audience anxiously awaited for that full-body auditory experience that the Godfather of Exotica was known for.  When hope was almost abandoned, he showed up at the back door and went straight to his dual setup of piano and Hammond at the front of the stage.  What happened after that we can’t really tell you in words, but it was a real experience, man!

korla pandit stare

Who was Korla Pandit?  Did anyone every really know the man who gave mute interviews, played several instruments simultaneously, and stared into your eyes with that come-hither twinkle all the while?  The world lost this titillating lothario in 1998, and but thanks to this Appleberry Pictures documentary premiering at the Newport Beach Film Festival future generations will be in the know.   We hope some of our Southern California fans will be there!


Korla Pandit in the movie ED WOOD (1994)

Korla Pandit in the movie ED WOOD (1994)