Asaf Avidan: Into the Labyrinth (Solo Performance)

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Sold Out: Asaf Avidan: Into the Labyrinth (Solo Performance)

Rykarda Parasol

Friday, March 7, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

This event is 18 and over


Asaf Avidan: Into the Labyrinth (Solo Performance)
Asaf Avidan: Into the Labyrinth (Solo Performance)
Asaf Avidan
Into the Labyrinth
(Solo performance)

Asaf Avidan is a unique voice in today's music scene. Jon Pareles of the New York Times described him as a special hybrid, “An artist that writes like Leonard Cohen, sings like Robert Plant, and has the charisma of a cabaret performer.”, while Bob Boilen of NPR (said to have stopped his car when he first heard Avidan on the radio) writes, "Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan are all in there, but they add up to a wholly original sound, with songs that are beautifully written and fervently performed.”
Avidan, A bestselling, Platinum certified, mass followed star across Europe and his native country of Israel, left the continent of America untrodden until just two years ago, and so is significantly less known in the U.S.
Avidan, the son of two diplomat parents, picked up a guitar fairly late in his life, at the age of 26, due to a mythological breakup from his long time girlfriend, which later found his way into his first songs and EP, “Now That You're Leaving.” Released independently in a few shops in his hometown of Jerusalem, The mini album and Avidan quickly received attention and acclaim, and Avidan began performing across his small country with a guitar and harmonica and his armour piercing voice and lyrics. As the demand for larger shows and a new album grew , he gathered local backing musicians around him and nicknamed them The Mojos. Now, performing and recording as Asaf Avidan & the Mojos, they made 3 successful studio albums (The Reckoning, Poor Boy-Lucky Man, Through The Gale), toured the globe, signed with Columbia Records in Europe, and made a name for themselves as one of the best live performers across Europe.
True to his artistic vision and needs, Asaf decided to pursue his own solo path and try to find new ways to write and explore his emotions without the confinement of genre. The result was Different Pulses, an intimately texted, yet bravely produced self-dissecting introspective album, that explored new horizons and mixed different styles of music , all held together by Avidan's words and vocals.
Around the time of it's release, a strange phenomenon was starting to take place. A fan-made amateur remix of an old song called Reckoning Song\One Day started making waves all across Europe. Despite Avidan’s protests, due to his dislike of the remix, those waves turned into a tsunami that washed across the globe and the song became an international hit peaking number 1 in 14 different countries and selling in excess of 1.5m copies. Timing is everything in life and the new album and the remix both charted and fed back on each other's success, propelling Avidan's career to new heights.
Avidan, almost shunning away from commercial success, then followed with another personal album going back to the theme that started him off in music, another breakup. Gold Shadow was a sad lament on what appeared to be a fatalistic one way path from Love into Pain and combined jazz and cabaret together with blues and pop. After finishing the tour for the album some months ago, Avidan decided again to change things around. He’s taking a break from Europe's embrace and playing in front of thousands of his dedicated fans, instead going to countries where he is
less known. This year will see him back in small venues where he'll be doing what he feels most comfortable doing and winning the hearts of a new audience again.
Rykarda Parasol
Rykarda Parasol
Rykarda Parasol hails from San Francisco, but has seen the world. Like any traveling bard, she has stories to tell, using her dangerous, gender-bending vocals to weave tales of identity, experience and adventure.

For a decade, Rykarda has been the captain of her own musical path, writing and producing three strong full-length albums; from lyrics to voice and instrumentation to creating her album art. Autonomy defines her work, which is an alchemy of; literature, culture, psychology, existentialism and human interaction. The songs leap out fully formed, controlled and knowing.

Though born in America, her worldview is eclectic. The daughter of Israeli and Swedish immigrants, she grew up in a mixed-culture household. In recent years, when she's not in San Francisco, she's usually in Paris, France, studying and writing or performing throughout Poland and beyond. It is this continental experience which colors so many of her narratives. Equipped with a writer's sensibilities and a voice like a seasoned instrument, she often performs using an intimate sing-talk delivery. Rykarda describes her own dusky sound as "Rock Noir", which much like Film Noir, is stylishly dramatic, steeped in cynicism and sexual motivation with unpredictable shadows lurking around every corner.

In May 2011, Parasol was in need of a change of scenery. For most of 2011 and 2012, Parasol called the French capital her second home. The sojourn proved to be creatively fruitful. With jaunts home to San Francisco, Parasol began to piece together her third album.

Initially a private pursuit, Parasol played most of the instruments and layered the vocals with an acoustic album in mind. While further production followed, the tone had been stated. There are no electric guitars and bass makes few appearances. What is present however, is the scope of Parasol's vocal palette where her talent for her own rich harmonies and backing vocals act as Greek chorus to her drama.

Thematically, the songs touch upon isolation, independence, and autonomous travel both physically and intellectually in various forms. "Parasol" loosely translated from Latin means "Against the sun". An amusing irony for Parasol herself, who seems at times find herself much like the parasol object itself: Moving about in the world while concealing the body from worldly burn.
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Bimbo's 365 Club
1025 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94133