Lighting overview

The in house lighting system consists of about 50 instruments total, and are permanently hung on pipes both over the stage, and in front of the stage. The system was hung to best suit all events with proper stage coverage, but we will accomodate all artsts by focusing and gelling as needed. Electric pipes are dead hung in fixed positions with a weight baring load of 500 lbs. maximum at each point.

When bringing additional lighting you must bring ground support, maximum 12 feet tall. Additional power requirements MUST be advanced thoroughly, as there is NO 3 phase in the building.

The following gear lives in-house

Desk: Avolites Quartz with Titan Mobile Wing


  • ETC Sensor 3 Dimmer Rack. 48 channels.


  • 3 x HighEnd 250 Colorspots
  • 2 x Techno Beams
  • 4 x 19 degree ETC Source 4 Lekos
  • 6 x 26 degree ETC Source 4 Lekos
  • 6 x 36 degree ETC Source 4 Lekos
  • 16 x ETC Source 4 PAR Lamps
  • 18 x PAR 64 1K’s
  • 1 x Radiance Water-Based Hazer (model: CLF 2460)
  • 1 x Lycian Super Club Sport (model: 1238)
  • 1 x Mirror Ball

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