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Markéta Irglová comes to Bimbo’s 365 Club on Oct 23rd!

Czech-born singer-songwriter Markéta Irglová may have not been prepared for the instant fame from her starring role in the movie “Once”, but it positioned her quite nicely on top of the international music scene. The hit independent film was conceived to be director John Carney’s homage to music from a musician’s perspective. A screenplay in […]

Pinback returns on October 2nd!

Celebrating a decade since the release of Pinback’s iconic album, ‘Summer In Abaddon’, Rob Crow and Zach Smith will be hitting the road this fall on a 25-stop North American tour dedicated to playing the album in its entirety. The 11-track album isn’t the first of the duo’s Pinback discography, but has been noted by […]

Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes return – Sept 18th!

We’ve hardly recovered from swooning over Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes last October, but are we ever excited to have them back! Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the steamy & eclectic crew of musicians have been taking the United States by storm with their vivacious blend of soul, surf, and rhythm & blues. Their ultra-energetic […]

Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs – The Final Shows

Each time we said farewell we knew it wasn’t forever, but Butch Whacks & The Glass Packs are signing off on their Annual Farewell Show this year after saying 33 annual good-byes since 1971. The Final Shows. The Last Laffs. It’s a sentimental farewell for us this year as Bimbo’s 365 Club has been a […]

Dolphina has new friends! And they’re Ezralites!

We have cause to celebrate with Better Than Ezra’s return to San Francisco AND the addition of new goldfish in Dolphina’s fishbowl! Both warrant such joyous announcements that we decided to mash them both up and give you this underwater music video. Because these things are so GOOD. Better Than Ezra is returning to play […]

Mr. Bimbo and the First Annual Bike Derby

Critical Mass, cool your gears. San Francisco’s first ever bicycle takeover was created by our very own cycler, Mr. Bimbo, and his fellow entertainment business friends! Massive groups of cyclists crowding the streets may be something modern San Franciscans have grown to know, but can you imagine seeing the first in history? The First Annual […]

Unforgettable Performers & Legends at Bimbo’s 365 Club: Dick Contino

Advertisement for Dick Contino at Bimbo's

California bad boy and legendary accordion virtuoso, Dick Contino, wanted to play high school football, but his parents objection to the sport kept him on the path of devotion to his accordion. Contino’s father was an accordion player himself and his mother…  well, just the worrying type. Contino received his first accordion at age seven […]

Berlin at Bimbo’s 365 Club – March 21st

L.A.’s iconic synth electro-pop pioneers, Berlin, make a stop on our stage after six years away from San Francisco toting ‘Animal,’ a brand-new 12-track album. ‘Animal’ explores contemporary electronic dance music while remaining true to the groundbreaking sound and signature vocals that continue to define the band. “New music is the lifeblood of anybody making […]

Asaf Avidan – First SF show – March 7th

“If you haven’t heard Avidan’s music, prepare to be astounded”- The Independent U.K. Asaf Avidan’s unique artistry will be brought to North American audiences when he tours here for the first time. While he has drawn comparisons to both Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone, he possesses a voice that is utterly singular. An Asaf Avidan […]